Heather Ashley

Heather, owner and creator of reGrowth (yoga) is a passionate yogi, who loves the difficulty yoga presents, the stillness it offers, and the inevitable growth of spirit that results from her practice.

She’s also a mother to two beautiful young boys, and with her humanity comes a surplus of passions, each of which can be considered “yoga.” Some of those passions include cooking, reading, wine, travel, trees (she loves the forest, despite being a desert native), and spending time with loved ones. Her embracing of this idea of yoga as any practice which unites the body and mind is what ultimately sprouted this creation – reGrowth (yoga). Heather’s intention is to bring yoga into her world, on and off the mat, and she hopes to inspire others to do the same, all while maintaining a position of compassion, and alignment with her highest-self.

Heather currently holds her 200-hour RYT certification(Registered Yoga Teacher) in both Yoga and Qigong, and she’ll have her 500-hour RYT certification within the year.

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Kaycee Forsythe
Yoga Practitioner

Kaycee is the yoga demonstrator for reGrowth, helping with posture in the Pose of the Week videos as well as others. Kaycee found yoga 10 years ago and it has been a part of her life ever since. Yoga helps her to feel centered, find love and respect for herself, as well as be more present for her loved ones. In addition to being a dedicated yogi, Kaycee is a wife and a mother to two beautiful little girls. She is also a hair stylist, allowing her passion for helping others feel good about themselves to shine through. Join Kaycee each week in your practice and let her help you feel good as well. 

Sara Peruch

Sara is the hoop fitness and tricks instructor for reGrowth. She fell in love with hoop after taking Deanne Love's course Hoop Love. Sara also has her group fitness certification through the AFAA. She has been practicing hoop fitness and tricks for the past 2 years but has more recently gotten into hoop dance and has been practicing full time since May 2018. Sara has plans to travel and share her passion with the world while pursuing her dreams of hoop dance performance at festivals and shows. You can get in touch with Sara on our website or you can find her on her Instagram (link below). Join Sara for hoop fitness and tricks and add something new to your yoga practice!