re • growth (n)

renewed growth or expansion. the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually.

All living things are in a constant state of regrowth. The cells of the physical body regenerate, and the mind continually expands, breaking down old thought connections and processes in order to open itself to new beliefs, new ways of existing. It becomes key then to use our intention in an effort at regrowth which is in alignment with our higher purpose. What intention will you set today? What seeds will you plant for your future? What aspirations do you have? Each and every day begins anew. Each and every day allows for a new perspective, a tendency towards self-love.

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About reGrowth Yoga

Anything that results in mind/body unification or brings peace to your being can be considered yoga.

Wellness is multifaceted and its achievement hinges on a holistic understanding of the different layers of effort that go into it: physical, mental, and spiritual—body, breath, energy, and awareness. The most common methods of practice leading towards holistic wellness, with regard to mind/body unification, come to us from the east and include Yoga, Meditation, and Martial Arts such as Tai Chi and Qigong. While these practices are beneficial and can be found in abundance on this website, there are other ways of practicing ‘yoga,’ even off the mat. Anything that results in mind/body unification or brings peace to your being can be considered yoga. This is how the idea for reGrowth came about, and the videos you’ll find here aim to target many of these yogic practices. Let us help you add layers to your wellness and reGrow your everyday practice of harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

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Our videos are broken down into three main categories: Root, Grow, and Expand. Root is another word for meditation, how we connect and root for balance and mindfulness. Grow is the section where you can find multiple yoga videos to grow your practice. Expand is a place to expand your knowledge, hobbies, and interests with videos on tai chi, qigong, hoop fitness, yoga pose of the week, kids yoga, and more.

For $14.99 a month you gain access to all of the videos from Heather and different instructors, blog posts, monthly news and updates as well as the opportunity to join and get to know our community of like-minded practitioners. Try our 5-day free trial today!

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Connect with other reGrowth members, on and off the mat! reGrowth is excited to offer a feature packed online social media platform where you can make friends, send messages, add status updates, and follow the progress of the reGrowth online community!

ALL living things are in a constant state of regrowth.

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About Heather

Heather, owner and creator of reGrowth (yoga) is a passionate yogi, who loves the difficulty yoga presents, the stillness it offers, and the inevitable growth of spirit that results from her practice.

She’s also a mother to two beautiful young boys, and with her humanity comes a surplus of passions, each of which can be considered “yoga.” Some of those passions include cooking, reading, wine, travel, trees (she loves the forest, despite being a desert native), and spending time with loved ones. Her embracing of this idea of yoga as any practice which unites the body and mind is what ultimately sprouted this creation – reGrowth (yoga). Heather’s intention is to bring yoga into her world, on and off the mat, and she hopes to inspire others to do the same, all while maintaining a position of compassion, and alignment with her highest-self.

Heather currently holds her 200-hour RYT certification (Registered Yoga Teacher) in both Yoga and Qigong, and she’ll have her 500-hour RYT certification within the year.

Registered Yoga Teacher - RTY200


I have never been more comfortable doing any form of exercise in my life. Yoga with Heather is so fulfilling. She is understanding that everyone has different levels of experience and really focusses on helping everyone to the best of their ability through each pose. I love this instructor, she’s the absolute best! ” -Kristen Ptacek

Heather changed my life. My stress levels have been much lower since I been working with her.” – Zack Lyman

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I’d love the chance to talk to you! Send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Private classes are a big part of what reGrowth offers. It gives us a way to work individually with many people, including beginners and those who are looking for a highly customized sequence.

Be sure to let me know in your message that you are interested in private lessons, and I’ll get back to you will the information.

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